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This site offers a fantastic and new possibility for Skype webcam models and users for skype sex.
On advertising skype girls, boys, and couple. The classifieds contanining descriptions about the Skype models, what they're doing, photos and video introduction abot skype sex show. The skype show will be not displayed on our site only in the skype program.

"The benefits of the skype program you can see below"

You can pay directly for the Skype girls if they have a payment method, but we are strongly recommending to use our credit system. In case of a payment debate we can help you just when you've used our credit system.
After payment the skype model controls the paid amount end starts the show.

How can you watch a LIVE Private Webcam show on Skype?
1. Register on the site (FREE)
2. Select the skype model you like
3. Add her on your Skype (click the "My Skype ID" button on the model profile page)
4. Discuss with the skype girl, what kind of skype show you want to see, what your wishes are, how many minutes you'd like to buy, etc...
5. Purchase credits
6. Send the Credits to the skype model for skype sex (click the "buy show" button on the models advert)
7. Enjoy the skype show. Dont forget to rate the Skype model on her ad, whether you were satisfied or not.


Take care about the followings:

1. Before you pay talk to the Skype model what do you like to see, how long should be the skype sex show. Whit this you can avoid a lot of misunderstandings.
2. The most of the Skype girls don't showing free on Skype.
Thats why they have a video introduction(Webcam Preview) on our site. Before you pay for the skype model watch the skype sex video too. If this preview not enough for you, we are recommending to send 1-2 credits for the skype model. So the skype girls will know about, you are a really, payer (solvent) user and then she/he will be glad to show her/him on the camera.


The benefits of Skype:

Real Full HD resolution 1920*1028
Perfect audio sound quality
Usable also on Android, iPhone, WinCe platforms.
Low resource needs.
Reliable, simple to install and manage
The most languages supported


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